Welcome, stranger!

If that’s really your real name.

I recently decided to put up my own homepage for the first time in maybe a decade. This will be a limitless playground, and who knows what it will contain.

Read stuff that I write

It will surely contain blog-ish content and updates about what I do from time to time, without being a blog (for those of you that don’t like blogs, that is). I haven’t set a course for either the page itself or the aforementioned blog, but I assure you that I will get there someday. Please bother to leave a comment and let me know what kind of things you think I should have on here.

Tag along on Facebook!

Follow my page on Facebook!Since you’re already online, I recommend visiting my Facebook page and give it a humble thumbs up. I’ll post in English. I think. Or the links I post will be in English. I think. If not you can use Google Translate. I think. By the way, did you know that the Facebook thumb is a real casting of Mark Zuckerberg’s fist? The more you know!

I’ll update my Facebook page every time I post something on here, so to be sure to not miss out you might want to follow it. You know how it is. Please and thank you.

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I know what you think: Enough already! But this is just a minor detail in the whole scheme, so sign up to my newsletter to receive details on new prints, sales on the store, and news in general.

Just make sure to pop your email address in the form below, and I’ll make sure to send you all sorts of fresh stuff in the future.

Purchase prints

You can already look at a lot of my stuff (read: photos) on Instagram, and maybe some of you have already. Many people have been asking for prints, so I’ve set up my own shop page over here. I will add new products every once in a while, and I will add a newsletter function for you to always be updated. Hooray! Shoot me a message if you can’t find the photo you’re looking for, and I’ll see what I can do.

Leave a comment. Just for laughs.






One response to “Welcome!”

  1. Kübra Avatar

    Hi Marius,
    I am really glad you have a blog which will enable (I think) us to know more about you and your photos. Well, as a suggestion or as a wish, I would like you to share your feelings and emotions about the photos you take. Like, what did take your attention, why did you want to take such a photo or maybe some memories. I am sure I will read everything you write and I may share some comments.
    With Love

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