Commissioned work for A New Type of Imprint

Commissioned work for A New Type of Imprint

Do you like photos? Do you like magazines? Do you like me? Then I advise you to get your hands on the latest edition of A New Type of Imprint!

I was contacted by the crazy good magazine A New Type of Imprint this summer. They’re an Oslo based periodical published in English and distributed over the whole damn world. The title and theme of volume number 8 of the magazine is «Conversations on Creativity and a Guide to the City», and the nice people over at ANTI asked me if I wanted to contribute with photographs. Of course, I would.

Cover boy and inside photos

The theme for my commissioned work was urbanism, and I was excited immediately. Once I got back to Oslo from vacation I started to fill up memory card after memory card. About a month later I received a mockup photo of the magazine in my inbox. One of the photos even landed the cover of the edition!

This is the result:[Photos removed due to a site update] Nice, don’t you think?

In addition to contain photographs taken by myself, the magazine is chock-full of top-shelf content. Loads of interesting articles, exceptional photographs and sharp graphic design. You can order it online here, or you can check out which stockists in your area that has it.

Here’s a preview of some of the photos inside the magazine:

BONUS: In volume seven of A New Type of Imprint I was on the other side of the table when they interviewed me about photography. I recommend both the magazine and the interview. Totally unbiased, of course.

I haven’t done that much commissioned photography previously, so I’m truly happy to have been granted the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful publication. It was absolutely a different way to work with photography, and I’d happily do anything similar again.

What do you think about the photos?






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