Guide on how to use the store

How to use the store

I’ve made a step by step guide on how to make a purchase in my online store.

Choose of print

It starts simple and easy. On the start page of my store, you’ll see a lot of products. You’ll get the opportunity to sort the products by popularity, rating, and price. It’s set to random by default. I recommend that you scroll through the products haphazardly.

If you find a print you like, simply press on the product image. This will get you to the product’s page. On there you can read photo specifications as available sizes, how many prints there are available in the edition, and which price belonging to the specific sizes (if there are variable sizes for the products). You can press the photo and watch it a bit more closely, as well as looking at the gallery to see how it will look hanging on a wall.

Add products to the cart

If you got so excited about one of the pictures that you just have to have it, simply go ahead and add it to your cart. If the photo is available in different sizes you’ll have to choose which size you’d like to purchase before adding it to your cart. Then proceed by pressing the black box marked «Add to cart».

For images with more than one size available, you have to choose size before you'll be able to add it to your cart.
For images with more than one size available, you have to choose a size before you’ll be able to add it to your cart.

Once pressing «Add to cart», the page will be updated and you’ll get a message on the top of the page that the product is added to your cart. If you’d like to purchase more photos, simply choose «Buy prints» from the top menu and repeat the process. However, if you’re done, simply press «View Cart».

Your cart

In the cart, you’ll see which product you have added. Control that you’ve added the correct sizes and quantity, and not a product too much or too little. The price will be updated on this page too.

How to use coupons

Enter your coupon code to redeem discount.
Enter your coupon code to redeem the discount.

If you have received a coupon code that can be used specifically in my shop you can claim your discount by entering or pasting the code in the field marked «Coupon code».

Then press the «Apply coupon» button”. If the discount coupon is still valid and you haven’t used it before, you will get a discount. If it is not valid, the price won’t change.

Shipping calculations

You pay nothing for shipping if your total purchase exceeds NOK 1000 (about $118/€110). That’s how kind I am, seeing that it costs me almost $40 for shipping alone. For shipping of products less than NOK 1000, there’s a flat rate of NOK 100 ($12).

Proceed to checkout

«Wall of Silence» is available in 91x61 centimeters in my store
«Wall of Silence» is available in 91×61 centimeters in my store

If everything is in order, just press the black button marked «Proceed to Checkout». Here you’ll once more get the choice to use a discount coupon if you have one. If not, just go ahead and fill out all the fields under «Billing Details».

If you’d like me to ship the print to an address other than the address used for billing details, you’ll have to check for that in the box marked «Ship to a different address?» and write your details in the correct fields.

When everything is filled out correctly, double-check your order. You’ll see which products you have added to your cart, the total cost of the order, and any total for shipping. Make sure everything is correct and press «Proceed to PayPal» to complete.

Proceed to PayPal

After pressing «Proceed to PayPal» to complete your order, you get two options:

  • Pay with PayPal
  • Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Use the first option if you have a PayPal account already. Then just enter your account information for PayPal and move on.

Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries, just select «Pay with Debit or Credit Card» below the login field. On the next page, just write all the information needed in the fields. Using PayPal is a completely safe and secure payment method! Your card information is not stored on my side, and you are safe from fraud and abuse. You can read more about PayPal payment safety here: PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers.

Once you’ve filled in all the needed information, press «Pay Now». You’ll receive an e-mail confirming that I have received the order as well as a receipt for your purchase. Now you can just sit back and wait to receive a box-fresh print in the mail!

Visit my store to buy prints online!

Printing and shipping

I’ll print the image as fast as possible. The prints are sent via Norway Post in rugged mailing tubes. They’ll also be packed in an extra layer of a cardboard box to assure that the print will arrive safely. Every print is signed and numbered, as they’re sold in limited edition.

Image quality

The image «Hither and Yon» is available in the dimensions 30x30 cm, 50x50 cm and 70x70 cm in my store.
The image «Hither and Yon» is available in the dimensions 30×30 cm, 50×50 cm, and 70×70 cm in my store.

I only print images I know will look good in print. Therefore it’s important to emphasize that the images you see here online do not have the same quality as the images in print will have. This is because the images are downscaled and optimized for the web, which in turn affects the quality making the images look grainy. They’re not grainy, so it’s safe to say that the images online do not reflect the actual quality of the images when printed.

The images are printed on acid-free and fine art cotton paper by professionals in Trondheim. All prints are quality controlled by me before I ship them to you. You have 14 days return policy from receiving the print. We’ll find a solution!

Any issues with the store? Questions about anything else? Leave a comment and I’ll reply!






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