Sukker’s Christmas design market

Sukker’s Christmas design market

Fixing prints for the marketPhoto: Ida Susanne
I’ve been nagging on everyone on Instagram and all the people I know on Facebook and all the strangers on the bus to come to the Christmas design market Sukker is having on DIGS in Trondheim Saturday, December 3rd (Sukker is the design store in Trondheim where I sell prints). Woah.

Check out this link for the Facebook event!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to attend the market myself (because I’m currently in China, more on that later), as much as I’d like to. However, my girlfriend Ida (@idasusanneaolsen on Instagram, go follow her) and a friend of mine will serve as my stand-in and sell prints for me. THANKS A BUNCH, YOU GUYS<3

Support your local designer

The market is an awesome way to find Christmas gifts designed by passionate craftspeople in Trondheim to heap up under the Christmas tree. That damn Christmas tree, the embodiment of Western civilization’s cornucopia, where purchasing power and money literally trickles and pours out of the branches as resin. Give someone a hug this Christmas. It’s much nicer than giving away an iPad.

I’ll give you a tip on a gift that’s almost as good as a hug (which at the end of the day depends on how good of a hugger you are), and that’s my prints. It’s quite simple, really; every photograph is signed, numbered and are sold in limited edition. Every print has a white border, so it can be taped to a passepartout (you know, one of those white mats). Be my guest and cut the border off if you don’t like passepartouts.

Of course, this is not all about me. A bunch of awesome designers are also making their handiwork available on this market: Grigrin, Smykk Deg, 949 Designstudio, TinaTing, Katie Kulseng, Leva design, TM accessories, Elise Otterlei, Portemone, Geisha Funk Kimono, Otto&Anna and Fogg. You can see what they’re all up to on Sukker’s website.

It’ll be awesome. You should go!






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