A week in China

A week in China

If you’re following me on Instagram you probably know that I recently was in China. The reason for the trip was a collaboration I’ve done with Huawei, where I’ve tested how it is to take photos with their new phone Mate 9 Pro.

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We landed in Hong Kong early morning November 27th after flying into the future over the time zones. It was perfect to start in a new country with a brand new day. We saw the view over the city from Victoria Peak, drove around and wandered around photographing. Hong Kong was awesome. The food was not. Tall buildings. Good vibes. And even more tall buildings.

Press the photos for a bit larger version: [Photos removed due to a site update] We drove on to Shenzhen, a relatively new city in Chinese history and Chinas equivalent to Silicone Valley. Woah. We visited Huawei’s headquarters and were briefed on how they work with technology. We stayed a few nights in Shenzhen before flying to Shanghai.

Things I’ve learned from this trip: 1) Everything takes time in China. 2) The jetlag is real. 3) I wouldn’t say the food is an incentive to travel to China (especially not around 70 % of the food we ate (kudos to Hakkasan, though)).

And heaps more.

Press the photos for larger versions. [Photos removed due to a site update] The photos you’ve seen up to this point are all shot with the Huawei Mate 9 Pro.

We got some time to wander around in Shanghai. We walked with the other tourists in the old time of Shanghai, followed by a backyard safari in more poor neighborhoods. Shanghai behind the facade. I’m happy I got to experience more than Chinese lanterns and touristy stuff.

After a week we went home again. A tad too early, if you ask me.

Here’s a bunch of other photos I took on the trip. Press the photo for larger versions. I’d truly appreciate som feedback in the comment section in the bottom of this page<3<3<3 [Photos removed due to a site update] PS: This post is not sponsored, but the trip was. Just so you know.

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