Give me feedback!

Give me feedback!

I freaking love feedback, and now you can give it to me anonymously.

I appreciate when things are working as they should and that people are happy on a general basis. That also applies to this site. That’s why I’ve implemented a simple feedback function, manifested in this blue fellow you can see on the bottom right corner on just about all my pages.

It may look just like it is mocking you with his sheepish smile, but the truth is that he’s truly happy to see you. At least that what I like to think. It’s a robot, for gods sake. If you still don’t know who I’m talking about, this is the dude:

This is how it works

The feedback function is only available in Norwegian for the time being, as I don’t think it supports the multi-language plugin I use on my site. But just press the blue guy’s face, press the emoticon that best describes your feelings about my site (I’m hoping for the heart-instead-of-eyes one, for sure).

When you’ve done that, you can leave feedback in the form of words too. They are anonymous unless you leave your email address for me to reply to.

What kind of feedback?

I appreciate all kinds of feedback. Constructive feedback is the best and may lead to this site being better in the future. Who knows. You can complain about the selection of photos in my web store, complain about me writing too few posts on here, or just complain about the government in your country. Knock yourself out!

Test the function and leave me some feedback!






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