Prints also sold at Printler!

Prints also sold at Printler

You can now purchase my prints over at Printler!

Hi there! Long time no see. A lot of stuff has been going down since I last updated. I’ll talk more about that later.

What’s cooking at the moment is that I’ve teamed up with Printler. The name itself gets autocorrected to «Printer» as I write this, which kind of makes sense, seeing that printing is what they do. They sell prints from a varied range of photographers, and each photographer has their own gallery with handpicked photos for sale. It’s a pretty cool gig to be a part of, and you can check out my gallery by following this link.

Choose a picture, size and add-ons

The concept is quite straight-forward. You find a picture that you desperately want to hang on your dull walls. Then you choose which size (21×30, 30×40, 50×70 or 70×100 centimeters) you want, and if you want a white border or not (works great with a passe-partout, believe me). You can also choose to get add-ons such as frames or clips for hanging your photo. Moreover, it’s possible to opt-in for more exclusive alternatives.

The prints are quite affordable too, and they start at about €30. They’re sold in unlimited editions on 230-gram paper. Nice! You can see some of the photos I sell under here, but I recommend following this link to see them all.

As of today my selection over at Printler is kind of limited, but I’m working on getting more photos up on the site. I’m currently uploading when writing this very text. If you’re missing one of your favorites, shoot me a message.

Different prints on different sites

I’ll continue to sell prints via this site too, however more of the “limited edition” type. The photos are printed on an acid-free, fine art rag in 310 grams. That texture, though! The photos I sell on Printler are different from the photos I sell over here. I’d recommend going wild at both.

See ya!

Any photos missing at Printler?






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