Catching up

Catching up

It's been a while! In this post I'm letting you know some of the things I've done since I last posted, and for the fun of it I'm posting a bunch of pictures too.

Long time, no see! Here’s a little update on what I’ve been doing lately.

I feel that I say that every time I post something on this site. It’s been over half a year since the last time I posted something (okay, I just posted a piece about my photos being sold over at Printler, but the reality is that I’ve written this post weeks ago without posting it). A lot has happened since then, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen some of the things I’ve been up to. It mainly involves traveling.

Since my last update, I’ve visited London, New York, Stockholm and Vietnam. As if that’s not enough, I’ve actually moved to London. Surreal. I’ve done more than traveling, but I can’t say that I think you guys would be interested in hearing about that. So, traveling it is.

About buying prints

Seeing that I’ve recently relocated both mind and body across the (slightly smaller) pond, I no longer print my photos in Norway. That wouldn’t be at all practical, seeing that I need to both sign and number and quality check them before shipping them off. But yeah, my shop is open as usual, and I’ll soon update it with fresh prints.

Of a bunch of awesome printing alternatives, I’ve settled with a fine art printer I’m really satisfied with. The print house does work for the British Museum and BBC, to name a few, and the quality is exquisite. I’ve already printed a few orders with them on 310-grams etching rag, which is a thick and acid-free cotton paper full of awesome texture. Their prints are said to stay livid for 200 years, which is longer than both you and I are going to stay on this mere planet. Surreal.

Easter in London

As I initially mentioned, I’ve been to London earlier this year. That isn’t a big deal in itself, but I’ve collected some of the photos taken in between deep-fried meals, percent heavy ales and the thing known as life. Photos from easter in London 2017 (use the dots under the grid to navigate): [Photos removed due to a site update]

A week in New York

As I initially mentioned, I’ve been to New York earlier this year, That isn’t a big deal in itself, but I’ve collected some of the photos taken in between street food, heavy IPA’s, cultural events and the thing known as life. Photos from a week in New York 2017: [Photos removed due to a site update]

Weekend in Stockholm

This barely passes as a vacation, since it’s only a long weekend we’re talking about. Went to Stockholm, got tattooed, had a few beers, took some photos and got back home. Enough words, look at pictures: [Photos removed due to a site update]

Four weeks in Vietnam

Man, I love vacation. So much that when we (Ida and I) planned for this year’s summer vacation, we decided to go wild with four weeks of traveling. After a bit of the usual back and forth, the destination we ended up with was Vietnam. Such an awesome country. Damn. But fuck me, what a heat!

I took over 4000 (!) pictures in the span of those four weeks. Here you can see some of them (navigate through the grids using the dots, as per usual): [Photos removed due to a site update]

That’s it for now. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait half a year for the next update. What do you think about the photos? What have you done since I last posted? Do you see a photo you think will fit on a wall (i.e. my webshop)? Leave a comment, and I’ll be super happy!

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