Sale and 12 new prints

Sale and 12 new prints

Sale and 12 new prints

Whether you got what you wanted for Christmas or not, here’s the gift from me to you: 12 new prints for sale in the web store, plus a large sale on most of my photos. Crazy!

It was such a pleasure having Boxing Week/New Year/January Sale between 2016/2017. That’s why I decided to repeat the whole thing this year. This time I’ve added far more photos in the shop. At the same time, a lot more photos are on sale than ever before.

The new prints are from photos taken in Oslo, Vietnam, New York, and London the previous year, plus a little thing from China the year before. In other words, you can put a piece of the world in your own living room. That’s quite alright.

Check the store in its entirety!

I can’t say this enough times: All the prints I sell are printed in limited editions on quality, fine art paper that lasts fricking 200 years. Every single print is signed and quality controlled by myself and shipped off to almost wherever.

I like all those that buy my pictures. I also like those thinking about buying my pictures, even if you never do. I also like those that like my photos regardless of wanting to buy them or not. See ya!

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